High-speed fiber broadband internet is here.

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Welcome to the wonderful world of broadband.

Fiber broadband internet is the gateway to endless possibilities. 

With fiber broadband, you can say goodbye to the days of waiting impatiently for web pages to load or struggling to connect multiple devices to the internet without sacrificing performance. Feel closer to friends and family with crystal-clear video calls, share precious moments instantly, and dive into immersive online gaming experiences with zero interruptions.

But it doesn't stop there. 

Pursue your career from the comfort of your home. Explore cutting-edge educational resources. Unlock the power of instant knowledge and unlimited skill-building. Embrace telemedicine, where healthcare professionals can reach you where you are to provide instant care and medical advice when it matters most.

Step into a new era of connectivity. 

Join us on this digital journey, where the world becomes closer, more accessible, and filled with infinite opportunities. Experience the difference that fiber broadband can make in your life and unlock a future that's as limitless as your dreams.

When Will Internet Service Become Available?

Sooner than you might think!

We plan to install the first Wi-Fi gateways in homes this summer, and Pea River Electric Co-op members who pre-register for service will be first in line.

Building and connecting thousands of miles of fiber optic cables takes time, and as much as we wish we could, we can’t connect everyone at once. We’ll move through small sections of our service area, connecting one home at a time.

The entire project should take less than three years to complete. By then, we will have built over 2,100 miles of fiber.

Explore our service areas map to see each service region and get the most up-to-date estimate of when service will become available in your area.